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ANORMAL Brand eXperience Design

Digital Addiction

People involved in daily interactive activities. Illustrations made for digital startups.

Cloudscapes series

'Cloudscapes' focuses on a naturally beautiful spectacle. On a warm and sunny afternoon in June, the temperatures were rising. High up in the atmosphere, huge thunderclouds started to build and change quickly into intricately shaped pieces of cotton wool art. Watch mother natures most potent and fascinating phenomena in all its glory.

Reinsletta All

Illustrations III


Dekon Design & Construction, Identity&Web

Jersey trailer 2020 - Fortuna

For Fortunas jersey reveal trailer we take a much closer look at how much of our hometown lives inside the fabric.Client: Fortuna D


Neilsons are a New Zealand Law firm specialising in property law with offices in the South Auckland and the city centre. We worked with writer and strategist Matt Zwartz to evolve Neilsons existing identity. The previous logo was composed of a black letter 'N' set in navy and royal red. The 'N' has been customized using a more modern black letter typeface, while the navy has been replaced with an energetic cobalt blue. The revised identity has been updated across a complete suite of brand assets and a new website.

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Recent Artwork from 2019
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